I am a multidisciplinary communicator specializing in modern, conceptual design systems.

Working in print, web, and motion, I dedicate myself to thoughtful, precise, and intelligent solutions that effectively and efficiently convey meaning, deliver content, and delight.


I believe that the proper role of design is to communicate, and that the content of the communication must always determine the style. Good design is therefore not primarily eye-catching, or attention-grabbing, or trendy; good design is honest, accurate, and effective.

The role of design is not to sell more products or attract more attention; The role of design is to make the good visible. Good products will sell, and valuable content will draw attention to itself. Design for me is about revealing that value.


By actively studying both the history of design and the development of current visual culture, I ensure that the solutions I create, from the rendering to the color choice to the typeface, communicate the intended message to the intended audience.

Having developed a professional knowledge of visual cues, color meaning, imagery, and communication theories, I provide value to clients by creating not simply designed pieces, but intelligently created works.


By working closely with clients in developing project briefs, I ensure that every project is begun with clear focus. I then perform extensive, industry-specific research for each client, providing my recommendations for positioning if needed. Through this process, I ensure that the design directions selected are distinct yet appropriate for their specific market.

The process of design then moves to an informed exploration. I create concepts, sketches, and design mockups, revising them with the client, and then develop them into finished pieces through a systematic process that ensures clear communication between the client and myself.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with me about any potential projects, email me at hello@lovethisink.com

  • Graphic Design
    • Visual Identity Design
    • Editorial Design
    • Data Visualization
    • Illustration
    • Front-End Web Design
  • Video Production
    • Camera Operation
    • Lighting
    • Audio
    • Post-Production