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Thesis’ Thesis Grant

Posted on November 12th, by Iván in Design, Motion. No Comments

The Thee Oaks based design firm where I intern awards a yearly grant to graphic design students creating a BFA or MFA thesis project. It just so happens that the name of the firm itself is Thesis, which makes speaking about the grant just a little bit tricky. Nonetheless, it’s a fantastic (and rare) opportunity for design students “with ideas bigger than [their] wallet.”

To announce this year’s grant, Thesis created the following piece, which I had the opportunity to work on under the art direction of Heather Tucker.

Logo for The Well

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Primary lockup for a logo I created earlier this week.Logo for The Well

Additional lockups and applications will be uploaded to the portfolio page next week.

The State of Graphic Design

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This is brilliant and helpful, and it’s surprising such good information design like this isn’t used as a teaching tool in graphic design schools more often. How much more sense would it make if instead of  reading the information heavy design books that we sometimes do we instead just had assigned infographics to study? Then again, it’s apparently more helpful to learn from online tutorials in the first place.

A brilliant study by