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The State of Graphic Design

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This is brilliant and helpful, and it’s surprising such good information design like this isn’t used as a teaching tool in graphic design schools more often. How much more sense would it make if instead of  reading the information heavy design books that we sometimes do we instead just had assigned infographics to study? Then again, it’s apparently more helpful to learn from online tutorials in the first place.

A brilliant study by


Responsive Videos in WordPress

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Christ Coyier of CSS-Tricks has an incredibly helpful video on how to use a jQuery plugin to “responsify” videos on your responsive WordPress site/theme. It is responsible (ay? ay?) for the dynamic readjustment of the videos on this site.

It uses a jQuery script called FitVids which you can read about here.

If you are familiar with the difficulties of embedded video in web design, this is one of the best (and most elegant) methods I have found for resolving the problems with videos inheriting pixel dimensions from embed codes.

If you are unfamiliar with those difficulties, or unfamiliar with responsive web design, just play around with resizing your browser window and watch how this website readjusts.