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Free Intelligent Conversation

Posted on March 6th, by Iván in Video. No Comments

Free Intelligent Conversation is a movement dedicated to creating conversation between people of different cultures, professions, religions, and backgrounds.

The team behind “FreeIC” as they refer to themselves, wanted to create a video to promote the movement, and create awareness of their upcoming tour.

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Posted on February 10th, by Iván in Video. No Comments

“We” is a campaign to promote a sense of corporate identity on the campus of Andrews University.

The campaign included a 50+ part print-campaign, a performance piece, and the following video, based on an audio excerpt from the performance piece.

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I AM BAND Kickstarter Pitch Video

Posted on February 9th, by Iván in Video. No Comments

I AM BAND is a group of self-described “Musical engineers that craft music from their minds and manifest them through their fingers into sound waves that vibrate your eardrums just right. Be happy.”

They have played shows around the country for the past few years, self-funding tours, equipment, and a recording studio.

They were looking to increase the production quality on their next album, and requested a video for use in their Kickstarter campaign that could communicate their dedication to their work, as well as convey their need.

The project was successfully funded on February 3.

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Posted on December 2nd, by Iván in Video. No Comments

The Toronto International Film Festival, also known as TIFF, is a film festival held each September in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is arguably the most influential film festival in the world, featuring an international selection of films from major releases to small-scale documentaries. I attended the 38th annual festival with fellow film enthusiasts and created this short visual journal, working in the style of observational documentary.

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