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Posted on April 17th, in Descent.

A selection of some of the eighty-six hand-lettered postcards being shipped this week to backers of the Descent Kickstarter campaign. Inspiration for the letterforms and sometimes-shoddy brush strokes was drawn from the many hand-painted signs in this sweltering state.

Note: All postcards will arrive with stamps of a Navidad Mexicana. Yes, it is April, and yes, that is weird. Due to some strange scheduling of commemorative stamp releases, though, there are no other stamps in the state.

Disclaimer: My handwriting on the other side will probably be surprisingly illegible. To the eighty-six of you receiving these, I apologize.

Postale 1

Postale 2
Postale 3
Postale 5
Postale 4
Postale 6
Postale 7
Postale 8
Postale 9
Postale 10
Postale 11
Postale 12
Postale 13

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